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A Tour of Hillsborough Stadium: The Guide!

With over 39, 732-capacity the Hillsborough Stadium is a football stadium in Owlerton – the western suburbs of Sheffield, England. Being one of the most historic stadiums in UK this stadium is highly known for its 2 and a half hour tour that covers the history beauty and the rich football culture home to this stadium. This 19th largest stadium of UK is a popular tourist destination amongst travelers who have a zing for football. Having hosted some of the most popular games in UK, the Hillsborough Stadium tour becomes a sight to visit for the tourists of UK.

History of Hillsborough Stadium

Built in 1899, Hillsborough Stadium has been dedicated to football games ever since its inauguration. It hosted a World Cup in the year 1966 with West Germany playing on the grounds twice. This was the time when the German legend Franz Beckenbauer scored the maximum in the football world cup. But West Germany turned out to be runners up at the Wembley Stadium. The stadium is home to Sheffield Wednesday Football Team which is one of the successful English football teams in UK.

Who played at the Hillsborough Stadium!

Hillsborough Stadium has been a chosen stadium for matches that are played amongst teams around the region. Apart from holding the local team matches and all the matches of the Sheffield Wednesday English Football team, the stadium has also undergone times when it was graced by the Liverpool FC. The FA Cup Semifinal match held between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool FC was held at Hillsborough. Both the teams being northern the Hillsborough stadium was the ideal pick. Today the FA Cup matches are regardless held at Wembley Stadium.

Hillsborough Stadium Disaster Memorial

In 1989, While a match was ongoing at the stadium, a massive human crush occurred in the standing area due to human rush causing about a death of 96 people. This disaster became one of the worst disasters in the British Football History. As part of the occurrence, all the stadiums of Uk had been converted into fully-seated facilities. A Hillsborough Stadium Disaster Memorial is thus crafted in the front of the South Stand as a memorial for all the lives lost during the match in the stadium.

A tour of the stadium

A guided tour of the stadium is a 2 and a half hour walk through the various sections of the stadium. The guide takes you through the large playground explaining the kind of field it has, the design of the stadium, seating systems, lounges, Press Room, Executive Boxes, history, players meet and greet, Disaster memorial etc. It also offers you a chance to meet the Sheffield English Team who calls this stadium their home. The tour throws light on the stories, popular matches and victories that were a part of the stadium after it became operations. With some of the truly astounding stories created, the stadium is a perfect choice to understand the football craze in UK when in Owlerton.

A trip to the Hillsborough Stadium brings you closer to football arena of UK while connecting you with the history of the stadium.

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