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Travelling with Your Camera – Which Hard Case?

If you travel with a camera regularly, either as part of a hobby or due to your professional work, you’ll be well aware of the stresses and worries that come with the journey. Having an expensive and delicate piece of equipment in transit is always worrying. Your camera and other associated equipment could have cost you thousands of pounds in some cases, and to carry it around in a way that puts it at risk of damage or theft just isn’t worth thinking about.

For many people, smaller cameras are carried in camera bags, especially on site for specific tasks, but what about when you are travelling longer distances? In these cases it is important to have access to a travel case that can house your camera and other equipment. The best travel cases are hard, durable, water resistant, and able to provide you with complete peace of mind that your camera is safe from harm and ready to work for you as soon as you arrive at your destination. Of course, you should also consider what type of camera you have, and whether it is being used for photography or for filming, as this will have an impact on the type and quantity of additional equipment you carry with you, and the required capacity of the hard travel case you need to purchase for your needs.

On the market today you’ll find a wide range of camera bags and hard travel cases that could be the perfect fit for your specific needs, whether you are planning on travelling to take wildlife photography, or film on location.

One of the best choices on the market today for hard travel cases is the ‘Zarges K470 Aluminium Case’, which is used by many different types of people, with many different types of equipment. It is a lightweight and durable aluminium case that is available in 25 sizes. What this means is that if you require its smallest case for a small camera setup you can, or if you need a much larger travel case that is perfect for additional equipment there is the capacity available to you. The smaller, hand-held options provide incredible durability and sturdiness for such compact cases, and are the perfect travel option for those with delicate camera equipment for use within hobbies or as a professional enterprise.

On top of all of the benefits of a compact and sturdy aluminium travel case for your camera, it is also water resistant. This is of a massive benefit to those people carrying cameras, as the last thing you want is for delicate equipment to survive the bumps that can be found along the way in transit, but to then suffer from water leakage due to poor sealing or a fault in the case.

There are other respectable models of cases suitable for cameras in transit such as from Lowepro, Manfrotto, and Peli, but this Zarges case is certainly in the upper echelons of hard cases when looking for the perfect travel case for your camera and associated equipment.

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