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Wedding Traditions that Couples Update to Fit the Modern Day

Every couple dreams to have a unique wedding while continuing family customs. Some couples prefer a traditional service or a first dance. As couples want their wedding special to them, many are ridding the traditions they are not fond of and focus on the one they do.

If you are looking to have a Custom Las Vegas Wedding, below are some updated traditions you can include in your big day:

Opting for Private and Intimate Ceremonies

Traditionally, wedding ceremonies are open to guests and meant to be witnessed by family and friends. However, more and more couples these days prefer to make their vows private and intimate. That is why many prefer a smaller ceremony. A lot of packages provide elopement packages for the bride and groom that want an intimate ceremony.

Choosing Wedding Rings that are Comfortable and Match the Style of the Couple

A wedding ring represents the spouse’s commitment to their significant other. That is why they must pick the right jewelry. The right ring should be comfortable and match the couples’ lifestyle. The wedding band must compliment the engagement ring and fit together. For comfort, couples must consider a flush fit as they will be wearing their rings every day of their life as a couple. To ensure the rings fit, their fingers must be professionally measured by a jeweler. But, couples who are concerned about sizing can think about getting a bridal set which includes an engagement ring and a matched wedding ring.

Wearing Ball Gown Silhouettes

Bridal fashion tends to change every season. This year, ball gown silhouettes are trendy. A lot of brides and designers look at more traditional wedding dresses. Ball gown silhouettes feature a fitted top and a full skirt which will make the bride the more attractive. They have a classic style that suits any bride. Brides can take care of the little details and style; however, they will surely look like a stunning princess.

Choosing Something Blue Decor

Traditionally, people choose something blue as a lucky thing which refers to a piece of clothing such as a pair of shoes or a garter. But, today, couples opt for something blue decor to make their reception extra lucky. The color blue represents fidelity and love, thus, adding a touch of it will not hurt. Baby blue hydrangeas can be added to the floral arrangements and bouquets. Also, couples can choose to add blue glasses to the table settings for an extraordinary splash of color.

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